Happily Ever Blind Release “Good Enough For..” Today!

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H.E.B. G.E.F. Cover


New EP From Happily Ever Blind Out 3/3/19″

H.E.B. G.E.F. Cover

Press Release:

Good Enough For.. by heavy rockers Happily Ever Blind was recorded over 4 days in December 2018 in Lahti, Finland. It was mixed and mastered by the bands bass player Janne Mikkola. This 5 track EP is considerably less dark and certainly more daring in terms of experimentation than its 2018 predecessor, You Are Dead. Once again though, in true Happily Ever Blind fashion, it is musically raw yet organic and lyrically bipolar yet sensible, with aims to evoke independent thought in each listener. We would like to invite you to take a 20 minute journey into the aural realm of Happily Ever Blind and hope it’s “Good Enough For..” your listening displeasure!  To help promote the EP the band has also released a video clip for the song You’re OK which is out now and can be viewed here.

About The Songs:

1. Bad Joke

Sometimes I wonder are we nothing but characters in video game similar to The Sims? Who knows, but if so it sure as would explain a lot!


Welcome to Finland, the worlds “number one happiest place” according to your regular programming. But wait, statistics from similar sources state it’s also the country with the highest addiction, depression, illness and suicide rates. Well thats confusing.

3. Postponing The Apocalypse

Better ask the Lord for forgiveness now cos you don’t want to get caught out on judgment day. And while your at it, don’t forget to give a donation just to be sure! But we are forever waiting for the main event. I wonder why… cha-ching!

4. Prisoner Of The Clouds

A steam punk adventure involving a man with the most important job in the world; Luminary Repairman.  Cruising the skies in his service zeppelin, he is the up-keeper of the lights above, but if he fails then the world as we know it falls apart as the illusion is no more.

5. Stop Motion Men

In George Orwells 1984, Winston Smith works in the Records Department of the Ministry Of Truth, “rectifying” historical records to concord with Big Brother’s current pronouncements so that everything the Party says is true.  Is this novel a work of fiction or a blatant smear in the face to all of us who take the “world stage” at face value?